From Editor’s Desk

The inaugural number of Bimb is in your hand .Naturally our sense of achievement is not devoid of certain degree of pride that is due of every pioneer. Bimb is a bouquet of different shades and colours of literary flowers. Each flower is in its own distinctive aroma. The insightful research papers of young researchers of various universities of India will go a long way in exploring the virgin areas of art and literature. The unrelenting perseverance of the young researchers is laudable indeed.
We admit the fact that the inaugural number is not as sustained in its quality as we would have liked to make it. We made sincere effort to invite contributors but had to choose from whatever was available to us at the moment. But we are confident that the journal will hence forth attract seasoned writers and academics and we will have sufficient stock of contributors to choose from.
We are sure you will excuse us for the errors as well as deficiencies that you are likely to find in the first number of this journal in spite of our best intention.